RNA: ENST00000603526.1

FNBP1L-205, Transcript of formin binding protein 1 like, humanhuman


Gene FNBP1L, Length 656 nt, Biotype retained intron, Subcellular localisation Nucleus .

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (ENCODE eCLIP)
Transcript Symbol Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score p-Value Fold Change
FNBP1L-205ENST00000603526 KHSRPQ92945 711 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.09□□□□□ -0.472e-21■■■■■ 74.1
FNBP1L-205ENST00000603526 BUD13Q9BRD0 619 aaKnown RBP eCLIP9.8□□□□□ -0.847e-7■■□□□ 13.4
FNBP1L-205ENST00000603526 BCLAF1Q9NYF8 920 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.99□□□□□ -0.331e-6■■□□□ 13.2
FNBP1L-205ENST00000603526 GRWD1Q9BQ67 446 aaKnown RBP eCLIP16.34■□□□□ 0.215e-8■□□□□ 8.8
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