RNA: ENST00000547263.1

GCN1-202, Transcript of GCN1, eIF2 alpha kinase activator homolog, humanhuman


Gene GCN1, Length 366 nt, Biotype retained intron, Subcellular localisation Cytosol, Nucleus, Ribosome .

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (ENCODE eCLIP)
Transcript Symbol Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score p-Value Fold Change
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 PPIGQ13427 754 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.39□□□□□ -0.432e-10■■■□□ 16.1
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 METAP2P50579 478 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.63□□□□□ -0.394e-9■■■■■ 37.6
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 PABPN1Q86U42 306 aaKnown RBP eCLIP21.72■■□□□ 1.076e-9■□□□□ 9.8
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 DDX24Q9GZR7 859 aaKnown RBP eCLIP13.24□□□□□ -0.291e-8■■■■□ 23.7
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 G3BP1Q13283 466 aaKnown RBP eCLIP13.53□□□□□ -0.243e-8■■■□□ 16.9
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 BUD13Q9BRD0 619 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.38□□□□□ -0.436e-8■□□□□ 11
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 YBX3P16989 372 aaKnown RBP eCLIP14.2□□□□□ -0.141e-7■□□□□ 8.1
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 FXR2P51116 673 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.29□□□□□ -0.444e-7■■■■■ 40.3
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 AQRO60306 1485 aaKnown RBP eCLIP19.22■□□□□ 0.671e-6■■■■■ 33.8
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 EIF3HO15372 352 aaKnown RBP eCLIP10.63□□□□□ -0.711e-6■■■□□ 17.6
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 PRPF8Q6P2Q9 2335 aaKnown RBP eCLIP9.28□□□□□ -0.921e-6■■■■□ 24.3
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 FMR1Q06787 632 aaKnown RBP eCLIP13.53□□□□□ -0.242e-6■■■■□ 24
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 BCLAF1Q9NYF8 920 aaKnown RBP eCLIP14.89□□□□□ -0.032e-6■□□□□ 10.4
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 EFTUD2Q15029 972 aaKnown RBP eCLIP10.48□□□□□ -0.732e-6■■■■□ 25.6
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 SUB1P53999 127 aaKnown RBP eCLIP8.25□□□□□ -1.095e-6■■■■■ 28.3
GCN1-202ENST00000547263 SF3B4Q15427 424 aaKnown RBP eCLIP9.88□□□□□ -0.835e-6■■■■□ 26.7
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