RNA: ENST00000474284.1

ZNF90-204, Transcript of zinc finger protein 90, humanhuman


Gene ZNF90, Length 1,724 nt, Biotype processed transcript.

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (ENCODE eCLIP)
Transcript Symbol Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score p-Value Fold Change
ZNF90-204ENST00000474284 YBX3P16989 372 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.85□□□□□ -0.354e-12■■■■■ 54.2
ZNF90-204ENST00000474284 PTBP1P26599 531 aaKnown RBP eCLIP10.39□□□□□ -0.754e-6■■■■□ 23.7
ZNF90-204ENST00000474284 U2AF2P26368 475 aaKnown RBP eCLIP13.45□□□□□ -0.261e-5■□□□□ 9.3
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