RNA: ENST00000469349.1

NBEAL2-207, Transcript of neurobeachin like 2, humanhuman


Gene NBEAL2, Length 540 nt, Biotype retained intron, Subcellular localisation Nucleus .

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (ENCODE eCLIP)
Transcript Symbol Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score p-Value Fold Change
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 PPIGQ13427 754 aaKnown RBP eCLIP16.56■□□□□ 0.247e-11■■■■■ 47.7
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 SF3B4Q15427 424 aaKnown RBP eCLIP13.04□□□□□ -0.324e-7■■■■■ 45.7
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 PABPN1Q86U42 306 aaKnown RBP eCLIP29.27■■■□□ 2.283e-6■■■■□ 23.3
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 DDX24Q9GZR7 859 aaKnown RBP eCLIP17.51■□□□□ 0.396e-9■■■□□ 19
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 PABPC4Q13310 644 aaKnown RBP eCLIP17.34■□□□□ 0.373e-6■■■□□ 19
NBEAL2-207ENST00000469349 LSM11P83369 360 aaKnown RBP eCLIP12.7□□□□□ -0.385e-9■■■□□ 14.6
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