TAD3, Transcript of Subunit of tRNA-specific adenosine-34 deaminase, yeastyeast

Gene TAD3, Length 969 nt, Biotype protein coding.

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (RIP-Chip)
Gene Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score Detected Interaction
TAD3YLR316C SCD6P45978 349 aaKnown RBP RIP-Chip data11.88□□□□□ -0.51 RIP-Chip
TAD3YLR316C CBC2Q08920 208 aaKnown RBP RIP-Chip data11.16□□□□□ -0.62 RIP-Chip
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