RNA–Protein interactions for RNA: ENST00000520504.1

PANK3-202, Transcript of pantothenate kinase 3, humanhuman


Gene PANK3, Length 313 nt, Biotype processed transcript, Subcellular localisation Cytosol, Ribosome .

RNA Protein Prediction (catRAPID) Interaction (ENCODE eCLIP)
Transcript Symbol Ensembl Transcript ID Gene UniProt Accession Length Protein Status Prediction Score Prediction z-Score p-Value Fold Change
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 KHSRPQ92945 711 aaKnown RBP eCLIP6.69□□□□□ -1.343e-12■□□□□ 11
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 PRPF8Q6P2Q9 2335 aaKnown RBP eCLIP0.2□□□□□ -2.383e-10■■■□□ 17.6
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 LIN28BQ6ZN17 250 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.75□□□□□ -1.972e-9■□□□□ 9.9
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 DROSHAQ9NRR4 1374 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.5□□□□□ -2.013e-9■■■■■ 112.9
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 UTP3Q9NQZ2 479 aaKnown RBP eCLIP5□□□□□ -1.619e-9■■■■■ 29.7
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 RBM15Q96T37 977 aaKnown RBP eCLIP3.56□□□□□ -1.841e-7■□□□□ 8.6
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 BCLAF1Q9NYF8 920 aaKnown RBP eCLIP7.06□□□□□ -1.281e-7■□□□□ 10.6
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 DGCR8Q8WYQ5 773 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.12□□□□□ -2.073e-7■■■■■ 625.4
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 PTBP1P26599 531 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.51□□□□□ -2.013e-7■■■□□ 14.7
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 U2AF2P26368 475 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.35□□□□□ -2.034e-7■□□□□ 8.2
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 AQRO60306 1485 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.24□□□□□ -2.052e-6■■■□□ 18.3
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 QKIQ96PU8 341 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.05□□□□□ -2.082e-6■■□□□ 13.7
PANK3-202ENST00000520504 ILF3Q12906 894 aaKnown RBP eCLIP2.73□□□□□ -1.974e-6■■■■□ 20.7
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